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The Power Of Visualization

When trying to achieve your goals, one of the things that we often talk about is visualization. Visualize your end goal and how you will feel when reaching it. It's exciting... But is this visualization enough to get you through the tough days in order to reach that end goal?

When done right, visualization is the key in helping you achieve your goals.

What is visualization?

Visualization is creating a mental image of a situation that could happen in your life. You can use visualization to help you deal with a problem or to get the results you want.

But what happens when we don't feel motivated, and it's hard to get out of bed or even go without coffee. The days you really don't want to do another round of that so needed Parasite cleanse. It is in these little moments we need to use visualization techniques to help push us through difficult obstacles..

Visualize yourself doing that little thing, even though every ounce of your body is thinking not to do it. Picture yourselves doing and completing it. Celebrating it. How do you feel afterwards?

For example, I am currently training for a 50K run and what I always do is visualize crossing that finish line and what it will feel like when I'm done. But I also visualize myself completing this 32-minute hill climb that I have to do for my training. By visualizing not only the final destination, but also each step I need to complete along the way, it becomes simpler to achieve my goal.

How to visualize

Want to visualize but don’t know where to start? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Find a space where you can be calm and relaxed. You can use music that helps induce relaxation since it is very important that you are relaxed so that your brain can assimilate the sensations you experience.
  2. Close your eyes and visualize yourself in a situation you would like to be in or the outcome you would like to achieve. Take all the time you need and when you already have a clear image of what you want to achieve in your mind, little by little open your eyes, feel happy! You have managed to visualize.
  3. Think of the visualization in the present and positive, as if what you want was already happening here and now.

Visualization helps reprogram your brain. Eventually, you will know what feels good and what you can do. Visualizing the daily activities will help restore the real you, which is crucial to reclaim your health for your mind, body, and spirit. And then celebrate the small victories. Celebrate everything that you accomplish, big or small, because, in that celebration, that reward centers in our brain.


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