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A Letter From Mary

Mary is a mother of two wonderful little boys who were diagnosed with autism. The doctors told her there was no hope. Hear what Mary has to say about faith and healing.

To everyone in total body wellness,

You guys are my favorite people in the world!

My Sammy boy was diagnosed with autism. I was told by Dr. Thomas Calk at Children's Medical Group in Atlanta GA,

“This is it for you and your son. If you need to cry let it out now. It doesn’t get any better. There is no hope that he will ever speak and don’t believe what they put on the Internet. There is no recovery from autism.”

When I first heard the diagnosis of autism I had tears on my eyes. As soon as I heard, “this is it for your son” I swallowed my tears and told the doctor,

"You have no clue! My God is a healer, counselor, comforter. God of miracle!"

He said, “What are you really expecting from your son?”

I said, "I’m expecting my son to be the president of the United States of America!"

I walked out from his clinic, and never returned, In fact I moved to another state.

My Sammy boy was 3 years old. Every time we try new treatment, we see a little improvement, then we get stuck.

Dr. Watts told me, “You are not going to get stuck!” He was absolutely right! My boys didn’t get stuck.

Sam started to speak a few words at the age of 10. Now he is 14 years old.

He just talked in church for the first time in front of everyone. My boy! a public speaker!

The wonders of our healer!

Everyone at church cried, including the pastors! I was a very emotional, proud Mama!

Thank you everyone sooo much! Specially Dr.Todd Watts.

Words matters. Thank you for your kind encouraging words.

Blessings on you, everyone!!!!

Mary A.

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