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Heather K.

Dr. Todd Watts is absolutely amazing!! My 3 year old son has been very sick ever since birth. He’s seen multiple doctors and specialists leaving us with no answers. He’s been hospitalized 12 times as well as many surgeries. No one could figure out why he keep getting so sick especially leaving the hospital after a week and a half on morphine without an explanation. I heard about Dr. Watts through my sister who started working with him over the phone for her auto immune disease. We traveled from Denver to see Dr. Todd Watts in Boise for four days and he fit us in multiple times a day to make the most of our trip. We learned more than we ever could have expected about my son, myself and my sister’s health issues. He truly cares about his patients and helping to find the answers we all need and want so badly. He helped us to understand why things were happening and how we can go about fixing/healing those issues going forward. Tammy and Michelle help to run the office and are just as wonderful as Dr. Watts and accommodated us in every single way and then some. They are all so personable, full of positive energy and such a pleasure to be around. I couldn’t recommend this office enough to everyone. If you’re searching for answers and have gotten the run around, Dr Todd Watts is absolutely the best place/person I could ever recommend. You won’t be sorry…make your appt!! Thank you Dr. Todd Watts for changing our lives forever!!!

Jen S.

Working with Dr. Todd, his staff, and his program is completely changing my life. I have always tried to stay on top of my health, especially with having 5 children in 8 years. But after my dad passed away and we were pregnant with our 5th, every minor issue or symptom I had before seemed to multiply exponentially and I could not get better. It was devastating and ruining our family’s life. Now, after 4 full months on this program my life has completely turned around and I know it will be better than it ever was. It addresses my emotional, mental, and physical needs and we’ve found issues I would have never guessed or even known about. I had big dreams before, but now on this road of true health I genuinely feel that anything is possible!

Kelly H.

I have been a patient of Dr. Todd Watts’ for a year and let me tell you, he has helped me so much! I’ve struggled with chronic health issues for 8 years and feel so blessed to have finally found a Doctor who is not only extremely intelligent, but also compassionate in helping me on my healing journey. The care I have received at Total Body Wellness is unparalleled – I saw 16 other physicians before finding Dr. Watts. So thankful that I am no longer alone on this journey towards regaining my health. Thank you Dr. Watts and Staff!!

Kathleen B.

Thank you Total Body Wellness and Dr. Redd for offering me New HOPE to achieve a successful path to recovery. There is a law in physics that states “An object in motion continues in motion until Acted upon by an outside force”. Dr. Redd is the “Outside Force” which changed the direction of my motion away from hopelessness. Dr. Redd’s mantra is Baby Steps! Now matter how small, each step is significant. My journey of small steps has led me to New Hope. Thank you Total Body Wellness for providing amazing doctors, technicians and office staff. I look forward to the next steps in this journey, hopeful that it will be just as rewarding. P.S. Dr. Redd is AMAZING and greatly appreciated! Kathleen, a true believer.

Shannon B.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme’s Disease four years ago, ( from a tick, in the Boise area mountains) and since then, I’ve been searching everywhere around the world for a doctor who would have the knowledge of helping me with this horrific, disease. I grew up in Meridian, Idaho, and here I was given his name and a high referral by a class mate that had also had serious health issues and she, Lee Ann Waite Thomas, who had read about me and my disease was right on this in August of this year 2015 on face book, what I was having to suffer through, with the timing, and going in and meeting Dr. Watts, and his amazing nurse, Michelle, I wouldn’t be here today. Dr. Watts and Michelle have given me much support, treatments that are already beginning to show, and I am feeling healthier. Dr. Watts put me on PH Balancer to begin with, and I know that this balancer and treatments have already put me on a great path for this fight I have ahead. Dr. Watts has been all over the world himself and has seen first hand what Chronic Lyme’s Disease ( also known as Post Lyme’s disease Syndrome), is capable of doing and destroying in our bodies. Dr. Watts himself had Lyme’s Disease, so understands first hand. He has been preparing me for what I can highly possibly face, and the things already happening in my body, which has helped prepare me physically, and mentally. It is going to take at least a year of intense treatments. I do know I found an excellent doctor that is also the only doctor in Idaho that can provide the accurate, healthy treatments possible, and I can tell anyone, he’s the only doctor I found that can in the United states, and he is all about the body being built up to be healthy throughout the treatments and the care here after. I also can say, I have seen many doctors and specialists throughout the years, I know that here, they care for each patient on an individual level, and have a good relationship with each, this itself says much about Dr. Watts, and Michelle. I highly recommend Dr. Watts, and his nurse, Micelle, and all the staff at Total Body Wellness clinic for yours and your families needs and care. A very happy patient! Shannon B.


I would recommend Total Body Wellness clinic to anyone I care for. My experience was extraordinary. When I was 22 an event occurred which effected me emotionally and upset the balance of my well being. My health began to suffer and I was in the E.R. by the time I was 24. After two trips to the E.R., outrageous bills and my results were still uncertain and vague. I went to several physicians assistants with the same tests, the same bills, and the same results. After I racked up my medical bills so high I couldn’t see straight I swallowed the pain and learned to live with it. My pain tolerance was so high, I couldn’t even tell I was in pain anymore. It was not until I lost the feeling in my hands and feet that I began to fear for my life. I returned to the doctors office only to have them bill me for their recommendation to see a neurosurgeon. I wanted a second opinion and was fortunate to have been offered x-rays by a chiropractor. I figured it couldn’t hurt to see what was going on inside, the results showed I had scoliosis. Urine samples could not have told a physician’s assistant this. I proceeded to accept the chiropractic care three times a week for 5 months. The feeling returned to my hands and feet and the sciatica subsided after 2 months, however my spine could not hold the corrections in place and I was exhausted from my body constantly trying to heal. I started seeing a holistic healer in addition to my chiropractic visits about twice a month. With a meridian stress test the doctor was able to see that my organs were weak from events that had occurred from my youth. I am missing much of my small intestine, my kidneys were making stones, my liver was swollen, my gallbladder had created sludge, my adrenals were fatigued from over producing adrenaline, and my heart is weak from having to pick up the slack from my other organs. After all of the doctors I saw, NONE of them gave me any indication towards one of these issues. They prescribed me medication that my kidneys could not even process so I would never have gotten better. After coupling the holistic with the chiropractic for months I was still exhausted, not feeling well, my time was completely consumed with my health, and I was running out of jobs I could do on the side to cover the expenses. Last Thursday I was in the worst pain I had felt yet. I was crying and screaming in agony. I had an appointment with my normal doctor I was seeing the next day, but an angel in disguise told me about Dr. Todd Watts. He didn’t pressure me at all, he didn’t have to, because he knew in his heart Dr. Todd could help. I cancelled my original appointment and Dr. Todd was able to schedule me at my earliest availability. The office is so inviting and I felt welcomed right away. I was nervous but Dr. Todd was so patient and kind my uneasiness subsided immediately. After one visit with Dr. Todd my pain was GONE. I feared that if I turned or twisted a certain way the pain would return as it did with the chiropractors. But Dr. Todd’s treatment resonated with me and I nearly forgot to schedule my follow up because finally after so long… I felt better. There is so much to say about the remarkable things that go on in that office but I will let you be the judge. Thank you Dr. Todd!!!

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